Amazing safari at Amboseli Park , Kenya

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When it comes to Kenya, Safari is the first word in our mind and this one I had at Amboseli Park is so memorable. Amboseli is a city located in the southern region of Kenya. Its national park is well known especially for these amazing animals : the elephants. Let me share with you the great 3 days tour I ‘d enjoyed at Amboseli Park.

Day 1, our driver picked us up from Nairobi early in the morning and drove us to Amboseli National Park. We checked in our hotel in the afternoon, took our lunch and relaxed enjoying the African landscape ! After a while, we started an afternoon game drive. We immediately noticed that the Savannah has very unique types of fauna and flora. A few minutes later, we spotted a group of elephants. They are extremely intelligent and know how to navigate vast landscapes. Our guide said that like humans, elephants live in families but, uniquely, the females lead these families. The matriarch always keeps her family out of harm’s way and will fight to protect it. After wandering around, we saw in the distance herds of African elephant and other animals : birds, baboons…Then we returned to the lodge for dinner.

Day 2, we were so amazed by the stunning view of Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the Africa’s highest mount and whose peak lies across the border in Tanzania. It is quite an incredible experience to see Kilimanjaro hovering above the clouds in an early morning. The animal pictures arising against the dramatic backdrop of the mountain will thrill the photography enthusiast like you ! Then , after an another game drive ,we returned to the lodge for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning at leisure.

We learnt more about these amazing animals during the afternoon tour. Kenya’s elephant numbers declined from 168.000 to 18.000 between the 1960s and 1980s. They face a number of serious threats: poaching for ivory, along with conflict with humans due to habitat destruction for agriculture. Described as the world’s most charismatic mega herbivore, Elephants need more than 150kg of food every day. As herbivores their diet is varied : grass, leaves, buds, fruit and even roots.Their versatile trunk is perfectly adapted to picking up food, touching and greeting other elephants, drawing water, breathing and producing sound. Elephants live in family groups or herds, presided over by a dominant female, and can have home ranges of up to 1800km2

Day 3 , after a show at dinner time last night , we got up in the morning, relaxed and enjoyed a last game drive before packing back to Nairobi. This time we went to the observation hill walk trail. From there, you can have a nice view surrounding the vast park. According to the conservationist, elephants move nutrients around and shed seeds. That’s why they are important animals in African ecology. And above of all, they coexist in tight knit social units and exhibit a level of compassion that humanity can learn from.We left Amboseli park and its herds of elephants with a great satisfaction and joy to have learnt a lot from them, especially their leadership model : gentle and assertive !

Thank you for reading.

19 Replies to “Amazing safari at Amboseli Park , Kenya”

  1. Firstly, these pictures are breathtaking and everything that I dream of seeing one day when I get to Africa. I want to see the whole content for all of the magic it has.

    Secondly, I had no idea that elephants move nutrients around and shed seeds. I knew they were intelligent animals with a lot of emotion and I’ve always loved them – since Dumbo. Gosh I’d really love to go to Africa… like right now.

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    1. Thank you so much V for reading and comments ! yes, they move nutrients and shed seeds which germinate in their pie-sized dung. This makes them ecosystem engineers vital for the ecological health of Savannah ! You ‘re welcome to visit Africa ! Just keep on your dream and maybe one day you’ll text me to say “I’m around Mizou !” ….I’ll be happy to meet you !

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    1. I’ve heard about the great South Africa’s Safari also but I’ve never been there.
      Amboseli Park is truly worth a visit. I hope you will come back to Africa soon and discover more places.
      Thank you for your kind words my friend!

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