A beautiful sunset at Baobab Alley,Morondava

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At Baobab Alley , Morondava city , Madagascar. ©Mizou.

Just see and appreciate the beauty in the world ! And You’ll feel relaxed !

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21 Replies to “A beautiful sunset at Baobab Alley,Morondava”

  1. The change is a king so tall,
    It can be big or small,
    Change is once , forever and for all,
    In evolving , you play a role ,
    No matter what you can or cannot control,
    The divine is in everyone and everything complete and whole ,
    You are always meant to have a call ,
    A call to be , move vibrantly and roll,
    Never say that you are tiny and weak ,
    Drops of water gather to form an ocean and scroll,
    God is in everyone and everything,
    After the winter comes the spring,
    The birds with blessings shall sing ,
    Liberty and justice to bring ,
    The divine is here and there ,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    To be aware that freedom we declare ,
    Infinite divine Love is never rare …

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