The City Square located in the heart of the city is surrounded by the Kenyan Parliament buildings, Nairobi Law Courts, Kenyatta Conference Center ( KICC) , the Holy Family Cathedral and the Nairobi City Hall. From the roof of the KICC, you can admire a superb view of Nairobi and its neighbors. You can plan to visit it as a part of a city tour and if you ever come to Nairobi one day, don’t miss it !

Located on a high altitude of about 1661 meters (5450 ft) above the sea level, Nairobi Kenya ‘s capital city has a year-round moderate climate . So, there is no bad time to visit . Of course, there are many things to see around : The Nairobi National Museum, the Masai Markets, the Bomas Cultural Center ,the elephant orphanage center, the giraffe center, and of course the famous Nairobi national park.

Just keep in mind to bring a sweater in your luggage even though you are in an African city. Because of the high altitude, it is sometimes cold in Nairobi !

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13 Replies to “Nairobi seen from a rooftop”

  1. The rooftop view took my breath away. I have a friend who stayed there for a couple of years but I never got to visit them.
    I guess it’s not too late to plan a trip especially after reading this post. I’d also love to check out the Masai Market, my fashion forward friend always posts pictures on Instagram when she goes there.
    Great post!

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