Wandering around the streets of Addis-Ababa!

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Addis-Ababa is not only about a city of legend, there are many things to see around ! Let me share with you these few pictures!

On the way towards Entoto hills.

People going to church in their traditional outfits.

The blue mosque. And the common type of car you will see in Addis.

Like all the big cities in the world , Addis has its traffic jam !

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15 Replies to “Wandering around the streets of Addis-Ababa!”

  1. Lovely photographs Mizou, I have really enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing such informative pieces. All the best to you,

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      1. I really appreciate your positive feedback ! Me too, I like to travel and discover new places ! And I’m looking forward to reading your great posts, especially about Valencia !😊 Once again, thank you so much for your support !

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