The great giraffe centre ,Nairobi

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Giraffes are endangered animal species in Kenya and mostly in Africa . The project “Giraffe Centre “ was founded in 1979 at Langata, Nairobi to support and protect them, especially the most threatened ones : the Rothschild’s giraffe. Open daily from 11am to 5pm, you will learn there more about this program .And get kissed by this gentle animal during feeding.

Giraffes are known as the tallest animal in the world . Their long necks about 2–2.4 m (6.6–7.9 ft) and legs help them to reach the leaves on tree-tops . They can run and speed up to 60km/h. And their favorite food are Acacia leaves . Their coat pattern serve them as camouflage in the savanna.

The Giraffe Centre is the creation of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (A.F.E.W. Kenya). Not only do they rescue giraffes, they give also any visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with the world’s tallest species. They educate Kenyan school children and youth on their country’s wildlife and environment. Your visit will be a great support for this great centre.

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    1. You’re right, there is one more curious than others. During our visit, there were 5 or 6 giraffes around with a lot of visitors. So, I’m not sure if Daisy was the one in this photo.


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