Good food, Good mood ! Enjoy your Day !

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39 Replies to “Good food, Good mood!”

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I’m so happy to hear from you. I’m fine , thank you.
      You’re right : they are French fries and shrimps in batter with salad. What is your favorite food ? Thanks as well for taking time to comment .

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  1. I think this particular post jumped out at me because yesterday morning I stopped the Keto diet (low carbs) as after 3 week’s my weight remained the same & the diet wasn’t suiting my digestion.
    Just making the decision took a weight off my shoulders especially as there are pressures re Covid 19 also. I am slowly introducing potatoes, rice & oats. am Just wanted to let you know Marian passed away at 1am rip

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      1. The news about my cousin was a wats app message from her sister in December which appeared at the end of my post without my typing any text. I left the message in my comment content to show you what had happened.
        I am very concerned that private wats app messages are just appearing when I am using a word press platform.
        I have notified happiness engineer who e mailed back late last night giving me s link to take a photo shot of the posts. Not sure if word press realise the privacy issues in this instance, namely general re platforms apparent access to my private wats app messages & that I would photoshoot a post from YOUR blog.
        I have advised them that it is their problem to sort.

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  2. Hi Mizou,
    This is all now becoming Abit of a saga, nearly as long as a blog post. It would appear the various happiness engineers haven’t got a grasp on the issue. I have given them your details Mizou, pe blog & variations on that. What is your URL please?

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  3. Thank you Mizou & I can only apologise for this long winded situation which I thought these β€˜technical’ people would have been able to sort at the outset.
    I have forwarded your URL details as they requested & can only hope they execute their duties in a competent, professional manner.
    Kind regards Mizou & hope this matter has not caused any sleepless nights for you as it has for me in a process with paid word press β€˜technical β€˜ advisors on an issue which, in my view as a paid up premium member of the platform should have been sorted ages ago.
    We are already working through unusual day to day situations without trying to do a job that others are paid to do.


  4. Hi Mizou,
    Long time and hope you are well.
    So sorry not messaged earlier but the recent carry on with my query did send me sideways for a few days.
    It dawned on me that the message about my cousins death may have come by ordinary text. On checking I confirmed that was the case
    & I had forwarded the message to another relative.
    I asked the engineer did word press have access to my mobile number but never received an answer as I was informed they were closing down the discussion.
    This left we with a strange taste in my mouth but hey ho I am stkll here.
    I suppose these days nothing is sacred.
    Take care & keep well πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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    1. Hi Margaret,
      Good to hear from you too after long time. Thank you for updating me. Hopefully this issue won’t happen again. Keep blogging! Cheers πŸ™β€

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