Rome: an unforgettable city. Day 1

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Today, I’m sharing with you my unforgettable memories in Rome, Italy. We landed at Fuimicino Roma airport on Christmas’ eve in 2014. Italy is the second European country I visited so far. After passing the visa services and claimed our luggage, we have been welcomed by a fresh and cold air. But not snowing.

The Basilica of Saint Mary Major. ©Mizou

Once our Check- in done at our hotel, we were so excited to start our exploration. We bought first a bus ticket and headed to the Major Maggoria church place. The Basilica of Saint Mary Major, or church of Santa Maria Maggiore, is a Papal major basilica and the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome.

The Basilica of Saint Mary Major, or church of Santa Maria Maggiore. ©Mizou

It is now agreed that the present church was built under Celestine I (422–432) not underPope Sixtus III(432–440), who consecrated the basilica on the 5th of August 434 to the Virgin Mary. The original architecture of Santa Maria Maggiore was classical and traditionally Roman perhaps to convey the idea that Santa Maria Maggiore represented old imperial Rome as well as its Christian future. The mosaics found in Santa Maria Maggiore are one of the oldest representations of the Virgin Mary in Christian Late Antiquity . (source : wikipedia)

After visiting the church and refreshing our spirit and our faith , we took our first lunch, a delicious Pasta Italiano. We noticed as well that restaurant were being closed at 2pm. So, we ate a bit quickly, drank the tasty espresso Italiano and took a lot of photos outside. Rome is a very Touristic City. Many tourists around us had a booklet guide or looked at google map .

We continued to wander around till late at night, enjoying the magical Christmas’ eve. We were quite impressed by what we had seen from our first stay and enchanted by this city with ancient infrastructures and full of stories. Tired by the jet lag, we went back to our hotel, planning our visit to Vatican tomorrow. So, I’ll post this Rome tour for the next following days.

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45 Replies to “Rome: an unforgettable city. Day 1”

    1. I couldn’t agree more ! I didn’t think to write a blog at that time but I’m always passionate to take photos , thank you for your appreciation. I do love Rome !

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  1. Wow Mizou,
    This post rekindled memories of my one and only trip to Rome so far also arriving Christmas Eve but 2015 the year my mum r.i.p passed away.
    Mum died on 20th August 2015 and my brother and I just wanted to go away for Christmas. My choice of a visit to Rome seemed to come from the heart.
    We stayed until January 2nd 2016 and packed so much into our time there.
    I took a lot of photographs and on my return home printed them off and stuck them in an album. I have been meaning to revisit with my brother to help me name so many of the places we visited.
    Perhaps with the help of your posts also I will be able to compile an account of my special visit.
    Thank you so much .

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    1. Hi Margaret,
      I’m happy my post brought back some memories for you. Hopefully my next posts would help you to make a compilation of your special visit. Rome is a very magnificent place and for me an unforgettable city ! Thank you too for taking time to write your kind and heartfelt comment .

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      1. You’re welcome Mizou & strangely enough I cannot find my journal entries for that period. I remember journalling in the morning before breakfast. Seek & ye shall find!

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      2. Hi Mizou,
        Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you are well, all ok here. Made small steps here as I have ordered some journals from Amazon. Just reading my comment I see I still have to find a journal.
        Mizou, could you please do me a favour relating to my recent post relating to journalling? There has been a query related to the link to my original post at the bottom of the post. The link comes up on my post, could you please tell me if it comes up on yours? Thank you

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