Rome : an unforgettable City. Day 3

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Day 3 of our Rome tour. Let me share with you some pictures of The Imperial Fora. It is on the same area as the Colosseum. So it’s easy to combine the visit for both of them. What we really liked was the kind weather allowing us to walk quietly around and make our visit with our own pace.

The Imperial fora, Rome. @ Mizou

The Imperial fora (Fori Imperiali in Italian) are a series of monumental fora (public squares), constructed in Rome over a period of one and a half centuries, between 46 BC and 113 AD. The fora were the center of the Roman Republic and of the Roman Empire. (Source Wikipedia )

A lot of tourists were walking around, welcomed by a warm sun even though it was winter season. Like them, we were enjoying the serene atmosphere of Christmas which was still in the air.


Built along a large site many years ago, these fora were the centers of politics, religion and economy in the ancient Roman Empire. And they are so fascinating .

Each day, we learnt something new about the story of the ancient City and we were constantly delighted by the scenery around us. Rome is really a wonderful place !

Thanks for visiting. Stay connected for the next post about Rome tour !

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