And it was already time for us to wrap up this amazing and unforgettable Roma Tour. Beyond the famous monuments, we realized that Roma had a lot more to offer. One thing that we’ll miss a lot would be the TiramisΓΉ, it was the best we have ever eaten so far! πŸ˜‹

Wherever you go there is entertainment! So it’s up to you to enjoy them and get organized with your visit. Otherwise you would miss a lot of fun, street shows and you won’t be able to taste delicious Italian Food.

We had really enjoyed our stay and it seemed like these 8 days flew by quickly. The only disappointing part for us was that The “Fontana di Trevi” was under restoration during this time. But perhaps, there will be another opportunity for us to go back to Italy and make a visit of the new restored one. For the New’s year eve, we had the chance to watch the wonderful fireworks… Auguri ! Ciao Roma, we love Rome !

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