Kitengela : “Beautiful hand blown glass”

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Kitengela hot glass , at the suburban of Nairobi, creates blown objects from recycled glass. Each unique piece is handmade to catch the eye and satisfy you : beautiful, colorful and attractive. There are a lot of furniture and panels of light so you’ll definitely find something that you’ll enjoy.


The studio Anselm is open daily from 7.30 to 4 pm, and you can visit and watch these skilled craftsmen creating pieces , using glass blowing technique. It’s quite a new experience for most people.

The products are 100% Kenyans made and recycled.There a wide and varied range of products : wine glasses, majestic chandeliers, nice vases, …


It is a Must do visit while in the city, a place where recycling meets art and functionality. This is the perfect place for relaxing and shopping these useful furniture for your home decor or rehabilitation. And above all of that, it is an Eco -friendly space !

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