Tomorrow is another day (❁´◡`❁)

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At Swara Acacia lodge garden. ©Mizou

During the rainy season, we always have the opportunity to see plants and vegetation turning green in the morning after a rainy night. And tomorrow is another day! Africa is amazing!

Have a wonderful new month!!!

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32 Replies to “Tomorrow is another day (❁´◡`❁)”

      1. For Chile we are leaving spring and summer is coming with force. Today it was 32 degrees. Which means we will have a hot summer. The sun sets at 9 at night. Then the night becomes shorter and so does the dream. Still, life is enjoyed. Greetings. You have a great blog.
        Manuel Angel

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      2. That’s nice! Thank you for these information , I know very little about Chile and its climate.
        Keep enjoying life! 😊
        Your appreciation and kind words mean a lot to me .

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  1. Beautiful pics Mizou and I agree, Africa is amazing.
    I remember the first time I visited The Gambia in off season in July 2012 i.e rainy season I couldn’t believe the view down from the plane as we approached Banjul airport. Everywhere appeared so green and lush compared to my previous visit in January. I love those chairs which I find so comfortable to sit on. Are they made from bamboo like the ones in The Gambia? Thank you for allowing me that reflection of happy times 🙂
    Hope you are well and happy Sunday to you 🙂

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    1. Hello Margaret! Yes, the chair is made of raffia and bamboo. And I couldn’t agree more, it is so comfortable to sit on.
      Thank you so much for taking your time to comment and for your kind words.
      Take care. 🥰💖

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  2. Interesting blog. I love travelogs as it isn’t to zoom around the world when you have responsibilities.
    Thank you for reading and liking my last post. Please don’t miss my post, tomorrow morning, it is about nature in a place so alien, you can only wonder….


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