The exquisite French gastronomy and …travel

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Delicious “Foie Gras”. @ Mizou

The French gastronomy is so famous. And every dish looks so tempting and so delicious that during our visit to France we did not know what to try next. However, this “Foie Gras “ in Dordogne, City in the South-West region, was our favorite one! Among it were other delights such as the magret de canard, confit de canard, boudins, Beef Steak, seafood… And don’t even worry about pastry! There is a long list there too! “Macarons”, Baba au rhum, delectable chocolate mousse, French baguette… and more. Beyond the food, what I really enjoy is the French way of decorating the plate!!!! Like a piece of art! À la française !

Enjoy your food, and don’t waste food please !

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