Tilapia Fish, Ugali and Sukuma Wiki, Chicken and fries.©Mizou

Not only is Kenya a beautiful country but it has great food as well. On the photos above, we can see fried Tilapia fish with steamed rice. Then the famous Ugali (On dough) and Sukuma Wiki ( Green leaves). On the bottom right, is fried chicken with fries.

Ugali is made from maize flour, cooked and put on dough. Once rolled in small dough, you use your hands to eat the Ugali. It’s the most common meal for Kenyans and it’s so tasty served with vegetables and/or meat (fish, chicken, beef…)

Sukuma wiki: green leaves, often served and eaten with ugali. In Kenya colewort are commonly known by their Swahili name sukuma. It is also commonly mistaken for kale. The literal translation of the phrase ‘sukuma wiki’ is to “push the week” or “stretch the week”. It is a vegetable that is generally affordable and available all-year round in this region. Wikipedia

Don’t forget to give these foods a try when you visit Kenya.

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43 Replies to “Yummy Kenyan food”

  1. Thanks for the food ideas. I think it’s so valuable to have a sneak peek at the local food so as to be prepared to try new things. Thanks for sharing and explaining what everything is and made of. Very helpful.

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  2. I am from India and I belong to the Bengali community…I am very fond of fish as it is widely eaten in our community. I love tilapia with plain rice. The other dishes look quite tempting too! I am quite eager to try them out!!

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