English Version of “un air de tranquillité”

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I would like to share with you my post “un air de tranquillité” translated from French to English on the comment section by the fellow blogger Ned Hamson, Ned Hamson’s Second line view of the News. Thank you. It was a great surprise for me and inspired me to publish it with an other picture…

A very calm, almost deserted beach! The blue sea, the sea breeze! It’s normal if there are a lot of people who find their inspiration at the seaside. Yes, that was long before the Covid-19 pandemic! The moment when we could afford to travel, to make visits and discoveries. Fortunately there are the photos that remain as memories and of course the story to tell to others …


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    1. Thank you for sharing your comment. And it’s true that’s not everyone has always the chance to go to the beach unless you live on the coast.


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