A great mixture of green vegetation, rocks, blue sky….

Since we were unable to travel as we used to during these past few months, we didn’t have the chance to discover new places. So in the following posts I will share with you a few series of pictures taken during my past amazing trips. Starting with the RN2.

RN2 is the most popular road in Madagascar as a route leading to Toamasina the first port City from the capital Antananarivo. It is about 400kms, and would take 5 hours or so by road, depending on what type of vehicle you drive or take and your trip schedule, whether you make a few or many stops on your way…

The fantastic and various panoramic views along RN2 is so breathtaking. I couldn’t help but shoot a lot of photos!!!

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44 Replies to “A great landscape along RN2”

  1. I was looking at the map and half of the RN2 runs north along the coastline rather than going directly to the coast. I guess the geographical conditions do not allow for a port closer to Antananarivo.

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    1. I think so. However this route also allows us to see more of the beautiful views. So even if it does not go directly to the coast, it is still really enjoyable and great for tourists.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

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