It’s likely Safari that we have in mind when it comes to Kenya. As part of African countries, Kenya also has a unique culture, a small thing that makes its originality. Wandering around or visiting places where there are fewer tourists is a good experience to have in your lifetime. This visit might surprise you. For instance, you may bump into this unique fence made of plastic bottles, along a plantation of acacia trees and cactus…Kenya is a wonderful country!!!💓

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21 Replies to “Kenya, a lot to see around…”

  1. A lovely post, Mizou. Thank you for sharing it. It’s a fascinating photo. I love how those plastic bottles are used to make a fence there. What a great idea as plastic bottles are generally disposed of (or sometimes recycled into new plastic), but plastic never breaks down, so this is an excellent use for them.

    Have you heard of Eco-bricks? They are largely used plastic bottles filled with other smaller pieces of plastic. These are then used to form plastic bricks which can be made into things like park benches and other furniture and even used with cement to build the structure of a house, often used in third-world countries. I used to make Eco-bricks and send them off to a collector who then forwarded them to where they were needed. Ellie

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    1. Thank you, Ellie. Yes, it’s indeed a great way for recycling plastic bottles. I just had seen them in that area but hopefully, it will inspire other people.
      I didn’t hear of Eco-bricks yet so thank you for sharing this. It sounds really useful and interesting. And I’m so happy to have learned something new today! Mizou

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