Coffee is one of the beverages you can easily find anywhere you go in the world and mostly during the visit of any cities, countries…


So, there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants offering coffee on the beverage menu inside Nairobi city. You may have delicious coffee at any Java house, Art café… And they are open at several malls or even in the hospital area. Other coffee shops are also available at any facilities like petrol stations.


Not surprisingly, most local people would prefer tea instead of coffee. Actually, Tea farms are quite numerous in Kenya.

Are you a coffee lover? Thanks for visiting.

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25 Replies to “Coffee lovers”

    1. True, tea with a teaspoon of cinnamon and honey helps a lot to feel better!
      And coffee in the morning gives you a good vibe for the whole day!
      Enjoy your☕ and have a great weekend ahead!

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      1. Yes … tea 🍵 is a nice peaceful feel better and drink to relax 🙌

        It’s funny I don’t take anything in my tea… I just take as is… nothing extra needed – I think tastes better plain – otherwise I don’t like it?? That is weird – but also easy

        Coffee is my favorite and I absolutely need creamer 😮 ..not milk (I can’t drink milk 😣)

        I don’t really take sugar unless the creamer is unflavored lol 🤷‍♀️

        Coffee starts my day every morning!! I have coffee getting ready for work and then one when I get to work usually.

        I don’t really notice any extra energy?? – I am still tired always lol … but I just kinda love coffee

        I do see the good vibe with it though 🙌 … I do sometimes put cinnamon in the coffee grounds before I brew it lol

        Having coffee currently 🙌☕️❤️

        Happy weekend ✌️

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