Have you ever been to Madagascar, this paradise island?


It’s not only about the movie, Madagascar is a very nice big island in the Indian Ocean, along the east coast of Africa! To learn more about it, please check out the link to my post below…

Voyage à Madagascar : Ampefy, l’incontournable !

They Said: “Set your goal, stick to your dream”

I Say: ” Yeah, the best is yet to come!”

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19 Replies to “Have you ever been to Madagascar, this paradise island?”

  1. Hi Mizou. I was interested in following your link to discover more, but when I clicked on it, it simply said – ‘this page could not be found.’ I don’t know why this is, as it seems your other readers have been able to access this, which enabled them to comment on this post. Please, if you have time, could you check this out for me. Perhaps, it’s just a blip on WordPress – there are quite a few about at the moment, I hear. Thanks very much. Ellie x

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    1. Hi Ellie. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’ve checked it and tried to correct it. Sorry for that. It seems there is some issue at the moment with WordPress. For now, I am not able to like others’ posts. They are still resolving it.
      Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and thank you once again for your message. Mizou

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      1. Hi Mizou. Thanks for letting me know that. One of my other readers and blogging friends is having the same issue with liking posts also. It seems to be one of WordPress’s glitches. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your post when the engineers have sorted out the problem. Ellie x 🥰

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    1. It sounds like a good project! Mombasa and Madagascar have beautiful beaches. I’ve never been to Zanzibar but I heard it’s a nice place too.
      I hope you can make this visit soon.


  2. I missed the 2019 article, but I remember other interesting articles on Madagascar. Of course it’s attractive, but it may not be the easiest trip to organise. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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