Addis-Ababa,The city of legend (Part Two)

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When it comes to culture, Ethiopian traditional dance is one of their unique identity . A number of popular local restaurants offer a show at dinner time : a traditional music and dance performance. Dressed in colorful outfits, the dancers will impress you by spinning their heads around with an incredible increasing intensity .


While well entertained with a vibrant and spectacular show, you will enjoy Ethiopia’s national dish. Diner seats are at the traditional crafted table, wooden chairs and stools. One of the best things is that no other cuisine in the world is quite like Ethiopian food. Traditional cooking is called Injera, a flat spongy bread served with vegetables and meats. And the sauce toppings is a unique combination of spices and distinct flavors. Just to be eaten using hands and enjoy it !

©Mizou. Injera and sauce toppings

Deserving of authenticity status, Ethiopia is the land of the finest Arabica Coffee. There is a ritual way for drinking coffee : they use the ancient stove with charcoal to boil water. Then, they add the blended coffee while the stove is spreading a fragrance of aromatic spices and smokes. A small bowl of pop corn is served along.

Addis- Ababa rises to over 9,800 ft in the Entoto mountains to the north.The Horn of Africa’s first space observatory is offering great panoramic views over Addis . Entoto hills was the residence of several successive emperors. And most of the legendary champions runner came from this region. Indeed, it deserves to be called The city of legends!

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